Anti-Phishing Phil teaches your employees how to identify malicious links and URL addresses

  • Train your employees to identify fraudulent or malicious URLs
  • Employees learn how to parse a URL to understand the origin of the link
  • Employees receive instant feedback when analyzing potential traps which instills memorable training
  • Reporting & Analytics gather actionable data about URLs that trick your employees

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Anti-Phishing Phil is a learning aid that can teach your employees valuable strategies to avoid cyber security attacks in just 10 minutes.  Our interactive training game makes learning fun, effective and memorable.  10 minutes of training tests your employees' ability to evaluate the legitimacy of 32 different URL links. When they make a mistake they instantly learn why.  Using up to date examples from actual phishing attacks, our training is more than twice as likely to achieve results than other conventional training methods.

Anti-Phishing Phil offers extensive reporting functionality, enabling administrators to track the performance of employees and target future training appropriately. The training is easy to deploy and can be customized with your organization’s branding.  A 508-compliant version is also available.

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